Inspire Your Franchisees and Franchisor Team

We believe that the true power in franchising can only be unleashed if franchisors and franchisees are prepared to openly share their knowledge and experience.

The best sharing will typically take place in meetings and conferences which are conducted in a relaxed and constructive environment using carefully designed facilitation techniques.

Through years of experience working with hundreds of franchise systems we have developed a number of interactive sessions that engage people in a structured way and which are guaranteed to improve the effectiveness of your franchise meetings and conferences. Using a combination of dynamic presentations and facilitated sessions, Greg Nathan and his team have been inspiring and educating franchisee and franchisor groups around the world on how to build profitable partnerships and tap into the collective intelligence of the group.

“FRI took the time to understand our business in the lead up to the conference and have assisted us in building a stronger relationship with our franchise owners. The conference sessions were interactive and everyone was entirely engaged the whole time. The take home value has been enormous and we now have franchisees more engaged with us than ever before. I want to thank them for leading an amazing conference.”

Amber Turnbull, COO, Just Cuts

“FRI are the world’s best when it comes to knowledge and understanding of franchising. If franchising is your business model then you need to engage them. Through their involvement with our conference, Greg and his team have helped our franchise owners to reconnect passionately back to the brand.”

Colette Hittinger, International Vice President of Operations, Ben & Jerry’s

“FRI delivered a 2-day Franchise Relationships Boot Camp to the Primrose Schools franchisor leadership team of 90 people and I can whole-heartedly say it was an outstanding experience in every way. Many have commented ‘this was the best training we have EVER had!’. The program has helped our team understand the franchise model and gain deep insights into the perspective of franchise owners. The entire group was fully engaged for the whole program and the overall experience could not have been more positive. If you are considering using Greg Nathan and the FRI team I’d say, ‘Don’t wait! It’s an investment you’ll be glad you made.’ ”

Bob Benowitz, Executive VP of Operations, Primrose School Franchising Company, USA

When preparing for a meeting or conference we take great care to ensure we have understood your business and that the sessions we conduct are relevant for your group and will engage people on useful topics in the right way and at the right level.

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We look forward to talking with you about your goals for your next conference or meeting. Let us work with you to create something that hits just the right note.

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Our Presenters

Greg Nathan is a popular presenter and regularly addresses franchisee and franchisor meetings all over the world on how to build profitable partnerships and succeed together. He is renowned for his ability to engage a diverse audience and deliver a message that is both practical and inspiring.

Jewli Turier is an exceptional presenter and facilitator and we consistently receive outstanding feedback from her conference sessions. Her appeal comes from the clear and down to earth way she communicates FRI’s cutting edge content and the way she engages with her audience. This is helped by the fact Jewli comes from the hands-on world of franchise operations with 15 years experience supporting franchisees and franchisor executives all over the world.

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