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Field managers have a tough job, often on the road working alone, striving to protect your brand and make a real difference to franchisee performance. To succeed they need a unique combination of courage, emotional intelligence and business savvy.

Equipping Field Managers to Make a Difference

Our Field Manager Bootcamps equip field managers with the skills, strategies and understanding to deliver genuine value to franchisees and a strong ROI to the franchise network. These are held throughout the year as public programs in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We also offer these as in-house programs.

The Foundation Bootcamp provides an important overview of FRI's models and processes. Note that this is not a beginner's program. Participants are often highly experienced field managers who gain great value. The Advanced  Bootcamp then builds on these foundational concepts and goes deeper into specific aspects of the field manager's role, so participants need to first complete the Foundation Bootcamp.

Foundation Bootcamp

The Foundation 2-Day Bootcamp is delivered to hundreds of field managers each year and the positive feedback is always overwhelming. For instance, Russ Umphenour, CEO of Focus Brands (one of the largest and most successful multi-branded franchise systems in the USA), wrote to us after we conducted the program for his entire field operations team.

WOW, what an amazing experience! From our newest franchise consultants to our Brand Presidents, the take away value was extremely high. I’ve never experienced any other program that so effectively layers the building blocks of learning.”

This Foundation program delivers vital skills, knowledge and strategies that enable field managers to immediately increase their effectiveness in how they engage, motivate and mentor franchisees. Even the most seasoned field managers will still gain enormous value. 

Advanced Bootcamp

The Advanced 2-Day Field Manager Bootcamp takes participants to a higher level of mastery through additional evidence-based techniques and models into how to have a positive impact in their dealings with franchisees. The Advanced Bootcamp includes pre and post webinars and is restricted to field managers who have completed the Foundation program so they are across all the content.

Practical Learning that Can Be Applied Immediately

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Both programs deliver practical learning to help field managers:

  • Make a powerful impact on the performance of franchisees.
  • Have tough conversations and turn around negative or cynical franchisees.
  • Build credibility and get franchisee buy-in to change and new initiatives.
  • Coach franchisees to set goals and commit to taking action.
  • Run interactive and motivational regional meetings.
  • Keep franchisees focused on their finances and KPIs.
  • Structure field visits for maximum effectiveness and productivity.

The secret behind the success of these Field Manager Bootcamps is the careful way the programs are structured and delivered, based on our in-depth work with thousands of field managers. All sessions are grounded in the realities of field operations and taught by experienced franchise professionals who know what they are talking about.

A great two days. I very much enjoyed it and you have given me some more great tools to use in my day to day activities…”
(Simon Clark, Business Manager, Helloworld)

Foundation Participants Receive $328 of Additional Material FREE

In addition to the intense 2-day program, field managers in the Foundation Bootcamp receive these additional materials, which normally cost $328, for free:

  • Copy of Greg Nathan's best-selling “Franchisor’s Guide to Improving Field Visits”. This is widely regarded as the best book in the world for improving the effectiveness of field visits (RRP $78).
  • Personal Field Manager Diagnostic Report, a personal evaluation which assesses 58 specific competencies associated with successful performance. Participants receive a customised 12 page professional development report (RRP $125).
  • A Behavioural Profile which identifies unique behavioural patterns and their implications to improving communication, credibility and personal effectiveness. Participants receive their own 14 page report which is based on the DISC model (RRP $125).

The Franchise Council of Australia has accredited the Field Manager Bootcamps as part of their Certified Franchise Executive Program [CFE] with 320 education credits for CFE registrants who attend.

Plus Access to Additional Resources and Tools

Participants of both Bootcamps also receive access to amazing resources and tools they can tap into at any time to continue their learning journey. These include:

  • A Learning Journal full of additional strategies, tips and models, and a place to record notes and action plans so they can be referred back to in the future.
  • Access to continue their learning and discussion online with other field managers, via the FRI LinkedIn Group — Franchise Field Managers Community.
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